In 1900 the scientific community considered that everything had been discovered and that the world would remain as it was.

Five years later, a physicist in his 25s, shook up all the established beliefs to give birth to the world as we know it today.

His famous thought experiments revolutionized the approach to physics to free it from the technical constraints associated with observations that were required to be made to verify a theory. The infinitely small and the infinitely large could not be “seen” at the time.

The space separated from time that can expand, the particle wave duality, the light composed of grains that do not propagate in a straight line and produce electricity, which can be concentrated in a single hyper-energy ray, the mass transformed into energy, the structure of the atom and its possible disintegration, the nuclear reactions present in the heart of the stars , black holes, gravitational waves, all major intuitions, among others, all of which have been validated by observation and never faulted since.

Founder of relativity and principal craftsman of quantum physics, he tried all his life to link the two theories that did not accept the probabilistic and non-deterministic aspect observed in the infinitely small (“God does not play dice”).

Politically engaged he used his immense notoriety to promote world peace. He participated in the creation of the State of Israel, from which he refused the first presidency, which was unanimously proposed to him.

Albert Einstein is considered the most important personality of the 20th century.

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