Beautiful, Greek, mesmerizing and bewitching, a unique tone of voice on nearly three octaves, a magnetic stage presence, Sophia Cecelia Kalos called Maria Callas or La Callas revolutionized lyrical art forever until relegating to the background the greatest tenors of her time.

Diva on stage and in life, free and determined woman, she lived glories and failures, physically, artistically and also lovingly.

Without children, only one man counted in his life until the end, Aristode Onassis, for all the harm he may have done to her by abandoning her to seek refuge with the Kennedys’ widow. Onassis tried to apologize to her at the end of his life, without success, Maria’s pride outweighed her hidden love.

You listen to the aria Casta Diva from Vincenzo Bellini’s opera La Norma, the tune most sung by La Callas and the one that was most asked of her until she categorically refused to sing it at the end of her career.

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