Libertarian poet, subversive, anti-militarist and anticlerical, anarchist and resistant, Jacques Prévert went through life with an eternal cigarette on his lips.

His always sad air hid well the magic light which he put in each of the words of his poems, dialogues and songs which crossed the times until they could still be savored today without reserve.

“A naked girl swims in the sea
Bearded man walking on water
Where is the wonder of wonders
The miracle announced above? “

Like seeing and reviewing the masterpieces of French cinema of which he was a screenwriter and dialogist in the years 1935-1945 and which still remain the reference for many current directors: “Le quai des brumes”, “Le jour se lève” , “Les visiteurs du soir”, “Les enfants du paradis” and “Les portes de la nuit” by Marcel Carné, “Le Crime de Monsieur Lange” by Jean Renoir, “Remorques” and “Lumière d’été” by Jean Grémillon .

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